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An Engineer's inspection, a pre-purchase inspection, and a termite inspection. You receive four reports: an onsite verbal report, an onsite written report, an emailed written report, and a termite report. Call 800.605.1500 or 646.757.4500 if you have questions. We are happy to help you. Smile

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Unusually cold weather is forecast in the days to come. Keep the following in mind:

  1. Icycles hanging from a gutterThe most important thing that you can do to keep your home or building warm is make sure that all windows and skylights are fully closed. You would be surprised at how many windows are left slightly open in an average house on cold winter days. Children and cleaning staff may open windows and not close them fully.
  2. Pipes inside exterior walls are at an increased risk of freezing, especially in older buildings with minimal insulation. Lowering the temperature inside a building increases the risk of pipes freezing. Pipes running through interior walls are at a slightly lower risk for freezing than those inside exterior walls. Should a pipe freeze and then burst, extensive damage that is expensive to repair will occur in the building.
  3. Ice may form in unexpected locations on walking surfaces. This can indicate an underground leak, such as a sprinkler system that was not properly winterized. A cesspool that is full may overflow, causing ice formation.
  4. Woman dressed in warm clothesMost homes and buildings will feel cooler, especially an older building with minimal insulation. This is because the interior side of exterior walls gets cool and your body feels colder at the same indoor temperature. Putting on a sweater or sweatshirt will often make you feel more comfortable. Some condo and co-op apartments may feel warmer on cold days because the heating system is being run for a long time.
  5. There may be less hot water available if your building has a boiler that supplies both heat and hot water.
  6. Light switch covers mounted in exterior walls may feel cold to the touch.
  7. Powered garage door openers may not function properly.
  8. Exterior doors may not close properly.
  9. The building will heat up more slowly when you raise the thermostat.
  10. Heating systems may run almost continuously.
  11. A marginal heating system may not be able to heat the building properly.
  12. If you use a humidifier, there may be condensation on the interior side of outside walls.

There are a some cautions you should observe:

  1. DangerThe risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning increases because the heating system is running more. Make sure that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are present and functioning. If the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are battery operated, make sure fresh batteries are installed.

    ➜ Smoke and Carbon Monoxide
  2. Space heaters should never be the primary source of heat in your home or building.
  3. If you need a space heater, only use safe space heaters. Spaced heaters recently purchased from a reputable seller are more likely to be safe. Old space heaters do not meet modern safety standards. Be careful to follow the manufacturer's instructions, including not overloading electrical circuits, not using unsafe extension cords, and keeping the space heater away from anything flammable. Heed all warnings regarding young children, pets, and people who are not sensitive to heat.

    ➜ Space Heater Hazards
  4. Very old electric heaterDo not use old space heaters that burn anything. Many old kerosene and propane-gas heaters are very hazardous.
  5. Do not use of unvented fuel-burning space heaters. Unvented fuel-burning space heaters should never be used in multi-family buildings, and may be prohibited in your community.

    ➜ Indoor Space Heater Safety
  6. Do not use old electric space heaters that may not meet modern safety standards.
  7. If you have never used the fireplace in your house, now is not the time to start.
  8. Listen to all government and weather service advisories.

Please note that this is not a complete lists, and items mentioned on this page are not necessarily applicable to every home and building. And, remember that there are warmer days to come.


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