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A Professional Engineer checks for termite evidence and termite damage as part of a home inspection. Termites can seriously damage the structure of a house or building. Many years ago, it was considered sufficient to have only a termite inspection performed before purchasing a home. If there was no evidence of an active termite infestation, it was assumed that the building had no termite damage or structural damage. In some cases, there was serious termite damage to the structure of the home or building that was not found until after the purchase.

In addition to the pre-purchase inspection performed by a Professional Engineer, have a termite inspection performed by a qualified termite control specialist. The termite control specialist can recommend treatment options to control an existing termite infestation. A qualified termite control specialist can also recommend options to help prevent future termite infestations.


A termite control specialist cannot assess the structural impact of termite damage. You need a Professional Engineer to assess the structural impact of any termite damage. The Professional Engineer evaluates the structural impact of any accessible termite damage in the home or building. If repairs are needed, the expense analysis in the engineering report can help you understand the expenses.

A termite control specialist cannot assess the structural impact of termite damage.Termite control specialists and Professional Engineers check differently for termite evidence. Professional Engineers look for the impact of the termites and termite damage, particularly if the damage is structural. A termite control specialist is looking at the need for termite control measures.

For these reasons, it is strongly recommend that you have the house or building checked for termites by both a Licensed Engineer and a termite control specialist. This maximizes your chances of finding termite activity and structural damage. You should also obtain a warranty against future termite activity from the termite control specialist.

Who Can Inspect
for Termites?

Licensed Engineer Termite InspectionsYou will see statements such as New York licensed termite inspection, New York approved termite inspector, New York certified termite inspector, etc. The State of New York neither trains nor licenses termite inspectors. The State of New York licenses pesticide applicators and technicians, not termite inspectors.

We inspect for evidence of termite activity as part of the pre-purchase inspection. The Professional Engineer Home Inspector knows about termite evidence, what conditions invite termite activity, where termites are likely to be found, etc. In addition, our Professional Engineer Home Inspectors check for structural damage caused by termites.

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Termites Feed on Wood

In the northeast, termites nest in the earth and attack wood that is close to the groundTermites feed on wood and serve an important function by converting dead trees into organic matter. Termites (sometimes called white ants) have microorganisms in their digestive system that help digest cellulose.

Although termites are soft-bodied insects, their hard jaws bite off small fragments of wood. As the termites feed on the wood in buildings, they can cause serious structural damage. Damage is often significant, as the termites feed on the structural wood nearest the ground.

In the northeast, termites nest in the earth and attack wood that is close to the ground. In a forest, this is beneficial as dead branches from the trees are recycled and enrich the soil. In a building, termites can be quite destructive. Some areas, such as Long Island, have a lot of termite activity. Other areas (such as Northern Westchester County) have lower levels of termite activity.

Regardless of the level of termite activity in your area, it is essential to check for evidence of a termite infestation, as well as any structural damage caused by termites.

Carpenter ants sometimes feed on termites. For this reason, you will usually not find both insects in the same areas of a home or building.

Carpenter Ants

How Old is the
Termite Damage?

Under conditions favorable to termites, a termite colony of 60,000 workers can consume a one-foot length of two by four in as little as four months.Under conditions favorable to termites, a termite colony of 60,000 workers can consume a one-foot length of two by four in as little as four months. Under less ideal conditions, it can take as long as eight years for termites to cause noticeable damage. Multiple termite colonies will consume more wood.

Termite activity may remain undetectable even after serious termite damage is done. Termite activity may remain undetected for many reasons, including:

  1. Termite swarms that have been ignored by the current owner of the house or building;
  2. Termite activity may be ongoing, and be hidden behind walls and under the floors
  3. Termite activity may be concealed behind stored materials in the basement;
  4. Termite activity typically occurs beneath the surface of visible wood beams structural elements

Nobody can see through walls or through wood beams. A Professional Engineer evaluates the structural effects of termites. A termite control specialist can will look for termite evidence, and issue a warranty covering treatment of future termite activity. To maximize your protection, a termite inspection should be performed by both a Professional Engineer and a termite control specialist.

Termite Colonies

To maximize your protection, a termite inspection should be performed by both an Engineer and a termite control specialist. Subterranean termites live in nests called colonies. A colony of subterranean termites may be as deep as 20 feet below the soil surface. Termites travel through mud tubes to reach food sources.

A mature termite colony has termite reproductives, termite soldiers, and termite workers.  A termite colony takes about five years to mature and may include up to 200,000 workers.

New termite colonies are formed when winged termite reproductives swarm from a parent colony.

Termite Reproductives

A termite control specialist can will look for termite evidence, and issue a warranty covering treatment of future termite activity.The winged termite reproductives are dark brown or brownish black and have two equal size pairs of wings. These wings extend well beyond the termite reproductive's body. Swarms of termite reproductives are common in spring and fall, but can occur at any time of the year.

After a short flight, the termite reproductives shed their wings. These wings are often the first sign of termite activity in a home or building. The termite reproductives pair off and search for sources of wood and moisture in soil. The pair of termite reproductives dig a chamber in the soil near wood, enters the chamber, and seals the opening. After mating, the termite queen starts laying eggs. The termite queen may live as long as 25 years and lay over 50,000 eggs annually.

Termite Workers

Termite workers are wingless, blind, and creamy white in colorTermite workers are wingless, blind, and creamy white in color. This is why termites are sometimes referred to as white ants. In early stages, termite workers are fed pre-digested food by the king and queen.

Once termite workers are mature enough to digest wood, they provide food for the entire termite colony. The termite workers perform the labor in the termite colony. It is the termite workers that damage the structure. Termite workers can live up to five years.

Termite Soldiers

Termite soldiers are wingless and blind. Termite soldiers are equipped with two jaws, but depend on worker termites for food. Termite soldiers defend the colony against invaders, and can live for as long as five years.

The Difference Between
Termites and
Carpenter Ants

Flying ants and swarming termites are difficult to tell apart. Flying ants have elbowed antennae, while termites have relatively straight, bead-like antennae. Flying ants have two pairs of wings, and one pair of wings is much larger than the other pair.

Termites have two pairs of wings that are of almost equal length. The thorax of the ant is joined by a narrow waist, while the termite's thorax is broadly joined. Regardless of whether you see ants or termites, have the situation evaluated by a qualified pest control specialist.

Free Termite Inspections

Many home inspection companies offer "free" termite inspectionsMany home inspection companies offer "free" termite inspections. These "free" termite inspections are not truly "free" since you must pay for a home or building inspection to get your "free" termite inspection. The United States Federal Trade Commission states:

When making "free" or similar offers all the terms, conditions and obligations upon which receipt and retention of the "Free” item are contingent should be set forth clearly and conspicuously at the outset of the offer so as to leave no reasonable probability that the terms of the offer might be misunderstood. (16 CFR §251.1(c)).

FTC Regulations

Under the Federal Trade Commission rules, Heimer Engineering cannot use the word "free" when describing the termite inspections included at no extra charge with the home and building inspections. For over 40 years, Heimer Engineering has included a termite inspection with its home inspection at no extra charge. In addition, you are provided you with the termite form ma

Will The Bank Accept
A Licensed Engineer's
Termite Form?

A termite form issued by the National Pest Management Association is included with home and building inspections performed by the Professional Engineers of Heimer EngineeringA termite form issued by the National Pest Management Association is included with home and building inspections performed by the Professional Engineers of Heimer Engineering. Banks generally accept these forms if there is no evidence of termites and there is no evidence of previous control measures.

If there is termite evidence, control measures are necessary. If the house or building has already had termite control measures, the bank often requires that the seller transfer the termite warranty to buyer.


Some homes and buildings have had termite control measures, and there is no evidence of an active termite infestation. In these cases, ask the seller for the termite warranty, and have this it transferred to you. Most banks will accept this transferred termite warranty.

The question often arises as to whether termite evidence found outside a home or building constitutes termite activity that must be reported to the bank. Some banks do not require evidence of termite control measures if the termite activity is outside the home or building. The termite activity will be reported on the termite form, and it is up to the bank mortgage underwriter to determine if termite control measures are necessary before granting the mortgage.

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Heimer Engineering's℠ Professional Engineer Home Inspectors substantially adhere to the InterNACHI® Code of Ethics, to Subpart 197-4 of the State of New York Code of Ethics and Regulations for Home Inspectors, the ASHI® Standards of Practice, and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE®) Code of Ethics. In the event of a conflict, the Professional Engineer Home Inspectors use Engineering judgment to decide what standard or Engineering principle takes precedence. All State of New York Licensed Professional Engineers are bound by New York State Education Law Article 145.


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