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Question marksHome inspection information for Real Estate Attorneys and Real Estate Brokers. A Professional Engineer's answers to home inspection questions often asked by Real Estate Attorneys and Real Estate Broker.

What parts of the report should the client read?

Why should a buyer use an Engineer?

How long does it take to get the inspection report?

Are your termite reports accepted by banks?

The termite report expires within 60 days. Any way to get an extension?

Should I recommend an inspection on a house in excellent condition?

Should I recommend an inspection on a house the client will renovate?

Will the local building inspector find problems in a new home?

Should a contractor inspect the home?

How long has Heimer Engineering been in business?

Professional Engineer home, building, condo, and co-op inspectionsQuestion I looked at a report and it was 86 pages long. Is there any part of the report I should point out to my clients as being essential for them to read?

Answer The information in the engineering report is included to provide the home buyer with information on which to base their decision. Included in the reports are web links so prospective purchasers can obtain more information. Prospective purchasers should be aware of the findings in the report, the expense analyses, and other recommendations regarding the home, building, condo, or co-op they are considering purchasing. It is then up to the client to make a decision.


Professional Engineer inspections.Question Why should the buyer use a Licensed Engineer to perform a pre-purchase home inspection?

Answer The State of New York, in their online brochure What You Should Know About Professional Engineers and Their Services" lists one of the reasons that a Professional Engineer should be used to "evaluate the structural integrity, electrical, and/or mechanical systems of a house prior to purchase or renovation". The State of New York has laws in place to make sure the general public is protected when it comes to selecting engineering services.

If your client does not use a Professional Engineer, he or she may hire and inspector, and then retain a Professional Engineer. Why should your client pay twice for a home inspection?

There is a difference between the services a Professional Engineer provides and the services the non-Engineer home inspector provides.

Inspector? Engineer?


Victorian houseQuestion How long does it take to get the inspection report?

Answer The report is generally emailed within two business days after the inspection. At the time of the inspection, the Professional Engineer initially walks through the site and takes notes. The Professional Engineer provides a preliminary report to your client, and answers your client's questions at the time of the inspection. In addition you can call the Professional Engineer with future questions.

After speaking to your client, the Professional Engineer reviews the notes and perform the preliminary quality control review on the report. This step can take as long as the site inspection. After the Professional Engineer's review, the notes are transmitted to the office. The office converts the initial notes into a final report, and there is a second quality control review. The report is then emailed to your client.


A Professional Engineer home and building inspection includes a check for termite-damaged wood.Question You include a termite report with your inspection reports. Are termite reports issued by Professional Engineer Home Inspectors accepted by banks?

Answer A bank issuing a mortgage generally requires a termite treatment and a warranty should any active termite infestation be found. It has been our experience that, if there is no evidence of termite infestation and no previous termite treatment, banks will accept the termite report.


Question The termite report expires within 60 days. Is there any way to get an extension?

Answer The NPMA-1 form has a 60-day expiration date set by the designers of the form. We do not control the expiration date. For the buyer's protection, a termite warranty from a pest control company should be obtained at closing.


A Professional Engineer home inspection looks for defects in a house that may not be apparent to a buyer.Question My client informed me that the house is in excellent condition. Should I recommend an inspection by a Professional Engineer?

Answer It is your client's perception that the house is in excellent condition. Our Professional Engineers have examined many houses which have a new interior paint job, new windows, new appliances, etc. In other words, the interior was renovated and updated. The Professional Engineer's inspection revealed that the same house had an old boiler, an old hot water heater, faulty wiring, water in the basement, and termite infestation with structural damage. In addition, plumbing was old, the roof had not been properly installed, and the siding and trim had been poorly painted. The prospective purchasers had focused on the interior renovations and the new appliances, and were completely unaware of all the other defects until the inspection was performed.


An fixer-upper house could be a nightmare for a first time home buyer.Question My client is purchasing a house that is old and in rundown condition and the client plans on fixing it up. Is there any reason for an inspection by a Professional Engineer?

Answer Unless your client is willing to risk the expenses of problems that your client is currently unaware of, an inspection by a Professional Engineer is essential.

In addition, the expense analysis contained in the inspection report helps home buyers understand the expenses in fixing up an old and rundown house. It is easy to look at a rundown house and thing that a new kitchen and a paint job will make the real estate like new. Most buyers purchasing rundown real estate have no idea what they are getting into.


Newly constructed homes, buildings, condos, and co-op need pre-purchase inspections.Question My client is considering buying a newly constructed home. Will the local building inspector find all the problems before they issue a Certificate of Occupancy?

Answer New homes, buildings, condos, and co-ops can have defects just as existing construction. In a recent inspection of a house supposedly ready for delivery, defects found included a missing boiler. Apparently, the boiler had been stolen from the site. There was a hot water heater, and the prospective purchaser had mistaken this for the heating system. The builder of the home was unaware that the boiler was stolen. Had a Professional Engineer not performed the inspection, these buyers would have purchased the house only to find that the heat did not work when the heating season arrived.

New Home Inspections

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A contractor does not perform the same pre-purchase home inspection as a Professional Engineer.Question My client is planning to hire a contractor to do renovations. Would it be better to have the contractor perform the home inspection?

Answer A home buyer planning renovations should get cost estimates from the contractor. However, cost estimates for anticipated renovations are not a substitute for a home inspection performed by a Professional Engineer.

A contractor provides estimates as if your client already owned the house. When you own a home, building, condo, or co-op, you own its problems. When you purchase a home, building, condo, or co-op, you purchase its problems. An inspection by a Professional Engineer tells your client what problems they are purchasing should they choose to buy the real estate.


Heimer Engineering has Licensed Professional Engineers perform pre-purchase home inspections, building inspections, condo inspections, and co-op inspections.Question How long has Heimer Engineering been in business?

Answer Heimer Engineering has been in the business performing inspections since the late 1960s.

Heimer Engineering's Professional Engineers have performed over 80,000 inspections. You can be sure that when you refer a client to Heimer Engineering, your client will be receiving professional services from an experienced Engineering company.


Contact Heimer Engineering℠

Call for a Home InspectionHeimer Engineering New York pre-purchase home, building, condo, and co‑op inspectionsHeimer Engineering℠ is happy to help you. Senior Staff members are available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.  After 5 PM, please leave a message. Messages are checked during the day on Sunday, and Sunday evening through Thursday evening. Inspections are performed seven days a week.

Heimer Engineering's℠ inspection fees are competitive with non-Engineer Home Inspector's fees, especially when you consider that many non-Engineers charge extra for termite inspections, swimming pools, etc.

Inspection orders are taken by senior staff members. A real estate purchase is complex and you should be able to speak with someone who can answer your inspection questions.

To set up an appointment for a pre-purchase inspection or to find out about Engineering services or expert court testimony email Info@heimer.com, text 888.769.6910, or call 646.757.4500. If no staff member is in the office, leave a message.


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Heimer Engineering P.C. BBB Business ReviewHeimer Engineering℠ serve the Greater New York area, including New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island), Long Island (Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Upstate New York (Rockland County, Putnam County, and Westchester County).

Heimer Engineering℠ respects your privacy. Some home inspection firms share information with insurance, landscaping, home maintenance, moving, cable, mortgage, and other companies. You will not receive phone calls or solicitation emails from third parties as a result of providing Heimer Engineering℠ with personal information. For more information, see Heimer Engineering's℠ Privacy Policy.

Call 911In the event of a life-threatening emergency call 911. Emergency situations need to be handled by first-responders who can evacuate buildings, shut utilities off, and take other steps necessary to preserve life.

Standards of Practice
and Code of Ethics

Heimer Engineering's℠ Professional Engineer Home Inspectors substantially adhere to the InterNACHI® Code of Ethics, to Subpart 197-4 of the State of New York Code of Ethics and Regulations for Home Inspectors, the ASHI® Standards of Practice, and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE®) Code of Ethics. In the event of a conflict, the Professional Engineer Home Inspectors use Engineering judgment to decide what standard or Engineering principle takes precedence. All State of New York Licensed Professional Engineers are bound by New York State Education Law Article 145.


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