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Performing Home Inspections at this time risks spreading COVID-19 and places people at risk. Heimer Engineering will not be performing pre-purchase Home Inspections until it can do so without risk to the public.

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In keeping with Governor Cuomo's announcements, Heimer Engineering℠ has stopped performing home inspections.

We are aware our phone system is not functioning properly. Repair resources are directed to essential services.

Many people are concerned about environmental issues such as mold in the home, building, condo, or co-op they are having inspected.Environmental hazards are of concern to many home and building buyers. Home inspections may visually identify some hazards, but further environmental inspections and testing are often needed.

Because the environment has been the subject of many media articles, the public's consciousness regarding environmental hazards has been raised. As a result, many prospective real estate purchasers are concerned about how these issues will affect their purchases.

Unfortunately, thousand of dollars can be spent testing for even the simplest of environmental concerns. This sort of extensive testing is generally cost prohibitive, and is neither recommended nor needed for home, condo, or co-op purchases. Although most banks require Phase I environmental surveys to be conducted on commercial buildings, they are usually not required on residential home, condo unit, or co-op unit .

Today, many buyers have specific concerns that include:


Carbon Monoxide

Drinking Water

Lead-based Paint

Oil Leakage

Radon Gas

Generally, if you can find a risk or hazard on the:

United States EPA

National Institute of Health

NYS Department of Health


Consumer Product Safety Commission

Center for Disease Control


or any of the many other websites that list environmental risks, it is not included in an pre-purchase inspection or required by any pre-purchase inspection standard.

Advising you of visible
environmental risks is not
an environmental inspection.

Lead paint in a home, building, condo, or co-op can be hazardous, especially to children.Pre-purchase inspection standards specifically exclude environmental testing, except for pointing out suspect asbestos to a client under certain circumstances. Heimer Engineering's pre-purchase inspections do not include environmental testing. Heimer Engineering's Professional Engineer advise you of some visually detectable environmental risks, just as other Home Inspectors do. Heimer Engineering does not misrepresent this as an environmental inspection. Environmental testing should be performed by an experienced and properly licensed and insured Environmental Testing firm.

What You Can Do About
Environmental Concerns

You coould spend thousands on environemntal tests and find nothing. Like most Inspectors, Our Licensed Professional Engineers point out visible evidence of suspect environmental issues.You could spend thousands of dollars for environmental testing with no significant results. Do not perform tests until you are reasonably certain that you want to purchase the home, building, condo, or co-op.

The next step is to decide what tests are needed based upon the location and condition of the home, building, condo, or co-op, and any medical conditions or allergies you have. Every home, building, condo unit, and co-op unit is unique. Do not have a test just because it sounds like a good idea or because a friend or relative suggested the test.

How Heimer Engineering℠
Protects the Environment

Woman outdoorsHeimer Engineering℠ is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. Some of the steps we take include:

  1. The use of recycled and recyclable materials where possible.
  2. Toner cartridges are recycled after use.
  3. Reports are delivered electronically. Printed reports are sent only upon request.
  4. When printed reports are requested, they are printed double-sided when possible.
  5. Only fluorescent and LED lighting are used in our office.
  6. Where available, we choose Energy Star rated equipment.
  7. The Engineers do not use rechargeable lead-acid battery powered flashlights.
  8. Inspections are scheduled to minimize driving. When we perform inspections within the City of New York, schedules are adjusted to maximize the use of public transportation.

Contact Heimer Engineering℠

Performing Home Inspections at this time risks spreading COVID-19 and places people at risk. Heimer Engineering will not be performing pre-purchase Home Inspections until it can do so without risk to the public.

Call Heimer Engineering℠ for a Home InspectionHeimer Engineering℠ has stopped performing home inspections in accordance with Governor Cuomo's order. We cannot provide any information as to when home inspections will resume and cannot provide fee information.

Clients with questions and Attorneys with personal injury questions can email

Heimer Engineering℠ PC BBB Business ReviewHeimer Engineering℠ serves the Greater New York area, including New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island), Long Island (Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Upstate New York (Rockland County, Putnam County, and Westchester County).

Heimer Engineering℠ respects your privacy. Some home inspection firms share information with insurance, landscaping, home maintenance, moving, cable, mortgage, and other companies. You will not receive phone calls or solicitation emails from third parties as a result of providing Heimer Engineering℠ with personal information. For more information, see Heimer Engineering's℠ Privacy Policy.

Call 911🚑 🚒 🚓 In the event of a life-threatening emergency call 911. Emergency situations need to be handled by first-responders who can evacuate buildings, shut utilities off, and take other steps necessary to preserve life.

Standards of Practice
and Code of Ethics

Heimer Engineering's℠ Professional Engineer Home Inspectors substantially adhere to the InterNACHI® Code of Ethics, to Subpart 197-4 of the State of New York Code of Ethics and Regulations for Home Inspectors, the ASHI® Standards of Practice, and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE®) Code of Ethics. In the event of a conflict, the Professional Engineer Home Inspectors use Engineering judgment to decide what standard or Engineering principle takes precedence. All State of New York Licensed Professional Engineers are bound by New York State Education Law Article 145.


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Performing Home Inspections at this time risks spreading COVID-19 and places people at risk. Heimer Engineering will not be performing pre-purchase Home Inspections until it can do so without risk to the public.

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