Rotted Wood Photographs

Rot occurs when wood becomes damp.  "Dry rot" is rotted wood that is no longer wet.  Any wood that remains damp is at risk for developing rot.

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Rotted floor joistRotted floor joist
Rotted wood siding sheathingRotted wood siding sheathing

Heimer Engineering PC performs pre-purchase home, building, condominium unit, and co-op unit inspections, and provides other Engineering services in the State of New York.  Environmental information on this web site (including environmental photographs) is provided so that prospective purchasers will realize that there are environmental risks associated with the purchase of real estate.  You need to retain an appropriately licensed and trained environmental consultant to have these hazards evaluated in the property that you are considering purchasing.  Photographs are not included as part of the standard pre-purchase inspection.  Including photographs would be a violation of Heimer Engineering's privacy policy.  Heimer Engineering values the privacy of its clients, and of the sellers of the homes, buildings, condominium units, and co-op units being inspected.